Got Fruit? Try Our 6 Easy Ideas On What To Do With Extra Fruit

So you went to the farmers’ market and bought a ton of something because it was a good price, or scored a deal on a case of fruit on discount from the manager at that supermarket who knows you?  It’s more than you will eat in a week (that must be a lot, if you’re me, anyway 😀 ).  So…now what? What exactly do you do with all this fruit, assuming you don’t want it to go to waste?

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1. Freeze some smoothies.

Find a smoothie recipe that features whatever fruit(s) you have too many of. If it’s a new recipe, make one first to drink now, to make sure you like it! Then, proceed to make several blenders worth of that smoothie recipe. Pour the smoothies into jars of your choice, and freeze them. To thaw, simply leave one jar in the refrigerator overnight, and it should be drinkable by the morning–nice and extra cold!  Have you tried any of our smoothie recipes, such as this turmeric mango smoothie, pineapple green smoothie, or magenta morning pitaya smoothie?

2. Make some applesauce and freeze it.

The same goes for applesauce. You can make loads and loads of applesauce, and it will keep nicely in the freezer for a long time. When you’re ready to eat it, Just take one bowl/jar from the freezer and move it to the fridge, leaving it there overnight to thaw out.  Our raw vegan applesauce is super quick to make and retains even more flavor than traditional applesauce; check it out!

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3. Dry it in a dehydrator.

This is especially useful if you are also the type of person who needs easy snacks on the go. Dehydrated fruit contains a ton of nutrients, and when you dry it yourself, you can control the temperature, (keep it lower to retain more nutrients,) plus, you can be sure to avoid sulfates, which are a common additive to most commercially dried fruits.

4. Make date nut balls with a bit of your favorite fruit!

Use a food processor to crumble about a cup of nuts. Add a couple bananas and a sprinkling of flax seeds. Then, add medjool dates one by one while blending, until you get a giant dough ball rolling around in your food processor. Season as you wish (cinnamon, vanilla, etc.). Add superfood powder if you want. Proportions are up to you.  I like making coconut cacao date balls, turmeric superfood date balls, and date-nut “caramel” bars.

Raw vegan turmeric superfood energy balls

5. Chop and freeze.

Yes, so many items on this list have to do with freezing. Not only is freezing a great way to preserve the nutrients without heat or complicated processes, but you preserve the water content of the fruit as well. There are also so many different ways to freeze, and as a result, so many uses for frozen fruits in various formats. Chop up bananas, mangos, pineapple, apples, berries (no chopping required), kiwis, pears, and more, and freeze them in containers of your choice. This makes your morning smoothies super accessible…just grab a container of frozen fruit, throw it in the blender with some water and agave, and enjoy a morning smoothie. You can even get creative with this and portion out fruits according to your favorite smoothie recipes, so there’s even less work to do when you get hungry.

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6. Share the love.

Your freezer is full by now. Maybe you’re tired of dried apples. Or, maybe you just want to share the love. Locate your local food pantry and see if they want some of your fruit. They would probably be glad to take it–just check to be sure, though, as some have policies limiting donations to only canned goods, etc.

What’s your favorite thing to do with a case of fruit (besides eat it straight up!)

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