What’s Here

This is a home for many things: recipes, thoughts on health, notes on longevity, and the echoes of my own attempts toward balance between health, happiness, and everything in between when composing one’s own lifestyle.  We’ll start with the recipes, the easiest common ground.

How I See Food

Some of you who know me and my regular eating habits may puzzle over why a girl who lives on mostly fruit, salads and smoothies is blogging about cookies and cake.  There’s a simple explanation, really, and I’m happy to mention it here because the concepts behind it are important:

  • Most things are fine in moderation, even a bite of cake.  That, and being too restrictive to the point that it’s stressing you out is probably more harmful than whatever “bad food” you’re worried about taking a bite of.
  • I actually eat mostly simple things, but at the same time, I honestly really love to make food…especially for friends, and so I do!  I’m one of those weirdos who would rather make food than eat it 😛
  • I don’t enforce my health choices on others.  Most of my cooking is for other people, but even so, I do still make everything plant-based so I feel comfortable sampling it to make sure it’s right.

So there you have it.  If salad and green smoothie girl takes a bite of cake or enjoys a glass of wine, don’t freak 🙂


Changing your diet for a health is a choice.  You have to really want to do it.  That said, my dietary choices have evolved many times throughout the years as a result of reading and watching a lot of information, seeing what works for me, and trying to balance sustainable eating habits with the rest of my life.

“But hold on a minute!  I thought you just said you don’t force your health choices on others!”  I don’t.  Nonetheless:

I do what makes sense to me, instead of following a label.

There are trivial exceptions to most things–and that is fine.  Labels are limiting: Self-discover what’s best for you and your goals, whether or not it fits with some label.

And Why

I have the reputation of being a bit of a health freak, but even so, I’ll be the first to say that most things are fine in moderation.  Furthermore, a restrictive lifestyle that causes you undue stress is arguably more harmful than “one glass of wine” (or whatever your exception may be).  Many people gravitate toward labels for the sake of feeling like they belong to something (and, unfortunately, passing judgement on those who *don’t* fit in…human nature…) but often, those labels define us, instead of letting our actions naturally fall into labels (or not into them).

A restrictive lifestyle that causes you undue stress is arguably more harmful than ‘one glass of wine’ (or whatever your exception may be)

I go with the ideas that make sense, question everything, and change my philosophy if the evidence I have now points to a different idea than I thought was right before.  (That has the negative side effect of making my opinions and perspectives extremely unpopular among people who identified with whatever label was given to my old way of thinking lol.)

Thinking for yourself might generate a lot of disapproval, but there’s no replacement for being honest with yourself.

Some basic concepts…and more on these later, perhaps:

  • What we eat and how much we exercise are *so* much more important than I can even express.
  • Figure out your goals and strive for balance and boundaries–not unquestioning adherence to some label.
  • Whether you believe in some sort of afterlife or not, our time here on this planet is limited.  We shorten our lives’ quantity and quality with stress, bad habits, and other things that we don’t even realize.  It makes sense to be interested in longevity, to maximize the time we do get.
  • The world we live in is kind of crappy.  I have no intention of living in denial of that.  I’ve personally seen some of its very, very, very crappy parts, and I may or may not post about some of that later.  Change what you can, and try and tolerate the parts that you can’t.

“Living a completely dry and joyless life is also pointless, so balance…is the ultimate goal”

Thanks for reading 🙂