Where to Buy Asian Ingredients for Recipes

There are a lot of Asian food recipes on here, and one of the most common questions asked is, “Where do I actually buy ___?” Here is a short guide in which I hope to answer that for you!

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Asian Grocery Store Locator

Try this tool first: If you can find the items at an Asian grocery store, they will likely be a little cheaper than the same items bought online!

Just type in your zip code and press “Locate”. A new window will pop up with maps for your area, showing any nearby Asian grocery stores:


A-Z List of Ingredients with Links to Buy Online

Disclosure: some of these may be affiliate links.

No Asian grocery store nearby? Or, maybe they didn’t have what you were looking for? Most of these items can be found online, but they’re not quite as cheap as in the physical store.

Note if you’re gluten-free: You’ll probably have better luck at the Asian market, (use our tool to find one,) or making your own sauces, as I am currently struggling to find gluten-free versions of some of the sauces online. If you find gluten-free versions of something I couldn’t find, please let me know!

Click on any product to see what it looks like (& purchase online if you like):

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